Shielded Screened Cables


Application Is suitable for interconnection of electrical measuring devices to instrument panel or instrument. Measuring, monitoring and control in machine tool manufacturing, in plant engineering, in all places where electrical interference fields can distort a signal transmission or where interference pulses arising in the mains must be confined.


Technical Information

Type:Generally conforms to,
IS 694 : 2010
BS 5308 Part : 2, Type: 1
IEC 601156 -1 ( 1994 )
IS 14493 ( Part 1 ) : 1997,
IS 5608 ( Part 1 ) : 1991

Voltage Rating: 1.1 kV

Specification: BS EN: 50288-7, Gen. conf. to IS: 7098 (Pt-1), IS: 1554 (Pt-1).

Features:*Excellent Noise Reduction property
*Great Mechanical strength flexibility.
*Enhanced transmission performance with desired L/R ratio
*Resistance to Electromagnetic interference

Construction Option

Conductor: 0.5Sqmm to 2.5Sqmm or higher sizes of solid/stranded/flexible tinned/bare copper conductors.

Insulation: PVC/PE/XLPE/LSZH as per requirement

Individual/overall Screening: Aluminium mylar tape and polyester tape with ATC drain wire.

Armouring: Galvanised steel round wire/flat strip


Outer Sheath Colour: Black, Blue, Grey and any other customer requirement