LT Power Cable

Electrolyte Grade Aluminium Conductor of IS: 8130 / 1984,
Type ‘A’ PVC Compound Insulation of IS: 5831 / 1984,
ST-1 PVC Compound Sheath of IS: 5831 / 1984
Steel Strip Armouring of IS: 3975 / 1979,

Armoured / Unarmoured PVC Insulated PVC Sheathed Heavy Duty Cables for working voltage from 650 to 1100 Volts. Other types of Power / Control Cables or Copper Conductor cables with change in H R Insulation or F R Sheathing can also be provided.



The Power Cables are used under ground as well as over head transmission of power in power plants, industries, interconnection of process control, communication and panel control systems, projects and all other electrical installations. connection of power supply to residential, commercial & industrial units.

Technical Information

Type: PVC / XLPE insulated cables conforming to IS:1554-I / IS:7098-I, BS:6346, IEC:60502, BS:5467, BS:7846

Sizes : Single Core Cables 16 Sqmm to 1000 Sqmm Multicore 4 Sqmm to 400 Sqmm

Voltage Rating: 1.1 kV

Construction Option

Conductor : Stranded / Solid / Circular shaped as per class-2 of IS:8130

Material : Aluminum / Copper


Inner sheath :PVC IS:1554 (PART-1) AND for XLPE Cables IS: 7098 (Part-1)

Armouring : Galvanized steel Round wires / Flat Strip or Aluminum Wire /Flat Strip

Cross Sectional View