House Wiring/Industrial Cables


These single core cables have higher flexibility due to larger number of strands in the conductors and are used for wiring of electrical control panels, industrial sheds, Machine Tools, Appliances, Machinery, Buildings, House Wiring and various electrical installations in small, medium and large industries where bending radius is less.

The multi strand flexible conductors make it ideal for concealed wiring Suitable for low temperature condition.


Technical Information

Standard : IS: 694

Sizes : 0.75 to 400

Voltage Rating: 1.1 kV

Current Rating:

Construction Option

Conductor: Annealed bare copper as per IS:8130

Material – Bright Annealed Copper

Insulation: PVC / HR PVC with FR/FR-LSH / HFFR

Outer Sheath: – PVC / HR / FR / FRLS. as per IS: 5831

Identification of Core Colours

Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, White, Grey

Cross Sectional View