Connecting the Dots: A Journey Through Time with "Swadeshi Cables"

Swadeshi is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of electrical wires and cables, with over 45 years of expertise and a nationwide presence across India. Our distinguished reputation is built upon our diverse and comprehensive product line. Whether it's a standard cable or a customised solution, Swadeshi Cables is dedicated to delivering precisely tailored cables that meet our customer's requirements while maintaining highly competitive pricing. Our deep understanding of our products, coupled with our vast experience, allows us to offer a specification review service that is trusted by leading engineering and construction companies. With our corporate headquarters and primary distribution centre situated in New Delhi, we strategically position ourselves at the geographic centre of the nation. At Swadeshi Cables, our workforce is our strength, consisting of skilled technocrats and design engineers. These professionals adhere rigorously to stringent quality control procedures and are motivated by the positive market response to our high-quality products. Our manufacturing facility is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery that enables us to produce and test cables in compliance with various international standards, including BIS. IC. BS, DE. and others. We are committed to continuous improvement, regularly enhancing our cutting-edge research and development and production capabilities through modernization initiatives.

Our company provides a comprehensive infrastructure for low voltage (LV) cable solutions addressing the demands of diverse projects across various sectors. The cornerstone of our success is rooted in the proficiency of our professional team, robust partnerships with associates, and the agility to adapt rapidly and effectively. Coupled with a forward-thinking vision. We consistently aim to stay ahead of the curve. Our commitment to continuous improvement drives us to enhance the quality of our products continually, ensuring they meet the evolving needs of a broader client base while maximising their satisfaction. Our customer base primarily includes government departments, both at the central and state levels, as well as state-owned enterprises, defence establishments, railway authorities, Coal India Limited, ONGC, nuclear power plants, central and state public works departments (PWDs), state electricity boards and many other organisations, and a wide array of multinational corporations, corporate entities, and esteemed organisations spanning across both the public and private sectors. These encompass a diverse range of industries, including steel plants, sugar mills, cement plants, and many others.


Quality Products at reasonable prices.


Fair Trade Practices.


Customer Satisfaction

Our Mission

At Swadeshi cables our unwavering commitment to innovation and modern solutions has been a consistent priority. We define customer focus as the act of delivering precisely what our customers need weather it's in the form of products or after sale services. To achieve this, we actively engage with our customers thoroughly understand their requirements and develop tailored solutions. This dedication extends to providing professional guidance to ensure that our customer receive exactly what they need without any unnecessary expenses. Our ongoing efforts revolve around continuous process improvement and empowering our staff, enabling us to consistentally delivere top quality products and services at competitive prices to our valued customers.

Our Vision

Our dedication to customer service ensures that you will receive goods where and when you require them. Our primary goal has always been to uphold quality and standards even as we face continuous pressure to minimise prices, striving to maintain affordable prices while simultaneously minimising our environmental footprint through waste reduction is our ongoing commitment. We offer favourable lead times and flexible minimum order quantities for unique and customised products.